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Dominant Sex

The day is 21st Jan 2030. Osama left office at 10.30pm, it’s pretty late. Though his wife Hamidha informed that she will be picking him up, she didn’t turn up. The news of the boulevard girls came to his mind; he is so scared to go home. First he thought of calling Rosy taxi service. But the first news that he heard today morning, his neighbor Ramset being raped and killed by a cab driver called Mary. Ramset is recently married and delivered his baby 3 months back. Criminal cases against Rosy taxi service are increasing day by day. He got out of office.  Through the veil of his black chador, he noticed that the security girl is staring at him. She asked if he need any assistance. He resisted and started walking straight without looking around. The marijuana and LSD girls’ are ruling the city night life these days. He tried ringing Hamida once again; but no response. Osama totally forgot about Hamida’s late night party with her boss Sonia at office today and won’t be coming to pick him up. Osama thought that marrying Hamida is the biggest mistake that he has made in his life. He got several proposals from good looking and educated women. But finally he had to marry Hamida. Hamida was very good to him in their early days of marriage, but after he has given birth to junior, she changed a lot. Osama is too much worried about Hamida, she smokes and drinks too much, not taking caring of her health, comes home after mid night. Who will take care of Osama and junior if something happens to Hamida? Osama has to do everything at home. He wakes-up early morning, cooks food, washes clothes, cleans floor and after that he brings coffee to Renu. Hamida wakes up morning; reads newspaper with cigarette and coffee; goes to office. She drops Osama on the way in his office.

He crossed Jansi Street; the street which is well known for abduction of guys for sex work. He noticed that few women wearing black T-shirts are following him right from Indira Street. Though for the past few months he is learning Karate for self defense, the group behind him seems to be too big for any fight back. He started walking swiftly; the group increased their speed too. Without looking back he started running. The gang chased him and encircled him at Hilary Street. The leader in the group is wearing a black coat over her T-shirt. She has blue eyes, brown hair and face full of dark spots and wrinkles. She gaped at him as though she is looking at men for the first time. Osama felt intimidating and nervous. Another woman wearing a black hat smoked ganja. She burned her cigarette stub over Osama’s face and started making fun about the look of his beard. Tears started flowing from Osama’s eyes. One of the gang member pulled his black chador off and removed his marriage chain, golden watch, and all his ornaments. They heard the noise of a whistle blowing. The black T-shirt mob stabbed Osama in his stomach. Osama groaned in pain. Before the area police commissioner Kiran reached Hilary street, the mob ran away. Kiran and few constables reached the site and moved Osama to hospital! 

Guys, though I made a story by changing few men’s name by women’s, He by She and vice versa; the whole story sounds perverse, isn’t it? I can’t help you for that.

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