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My fav comedy scene!

M(Education: 10th fail) is a person who has never been to America. He meets K(Education: 3rd Std fail) with intent to marry his daughter(K planned to get her daughter married only to an American, to show off before his neighbour Z, who got his daughter married to a man who works in Britain). M explains that he works in America. S(Education: Degree pass), an archrival of  M , also meets K with the same intention at their house. 

M: Uncle, Aunty, Everyone come here! Come here! Communication of an interior democrat! I am frankly speak! I am frankly speak!,….we will suppress it!!(Since K never been to school, M pretends that he knows English and is from America to impress him) 

K: Hi son come in, I am glad that you are here! 

M: Well 3 days time. 4th day sunrise, marry and fly to America!! 

S gets angry. S: Where were you in America? 

M: I was in American junction!! 

S: American junction, hahaha…. 

M: Why are you laughing? Is there any country without junctions! 

S: OK, tell me how many kilometers are there from Washington DC to Miami Beach? 

M: Kilometers and kilometers in this state of degenerating decency of Miami Beach and Washington, when diplomacy became complicated hypocrisy, and America to America!!(M pretends again!) 

K: Wow, I am convinced! 

S is getting angry and going out of room!

Categories: Comedy
  1. R!P
    October 24, 2009 at 7:40 am


    Crass comedy can cause critical catastrophe !

  2. Sulfi
    October 24, 2009 at 10:18 am

    Its a classic in malayalam!

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